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Introduction to HTML

What is HTML?

HTML is the basic language to create a web page.

What does HTML stand for?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language

HTML editors

Generally Notepad can be used to write or edit the html code, but for proffessional development or design Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web or Microsoft Front page are most popular.
Adobe Dreamweaver  MS Expression Web   MS Frontpage

HTML Elements

The letters used for html code as enclosed by start tag(<) and end tag(>) are all html elements.

Ex: "<html>" element, "<p>" element, "<body>" element etc.

Generally used HTML tags (supported by HTML / HTML5 and all major browser):

<!DOCTYPE><!--- --><a><abbr><area><article><aside><audio>
<caption> <center><cite><code> <col>    
<h1>...<h6> <head> <header> <hgroup> <hr> <html>    
<i> <iframe> <img> <input> <ins>      
<kbd> <keygen>            
<label> <legend> <li> <link>        
<map> <mark> <menu> <meta> <meter>      
<object> <ol> <optgroup> <option>        
<p> <param> <progress>          
<s> <script> <section> <select> <small> <source> <span> <strong>
<style> <sub> <summary> <sup>        
<table> <tbody> <td> <textarea> <tfoot> <th> <thead> <time>
<title> <tr> <tt>          
<u> <ul>            
<var> <video>